Our Portfolio Management Process:

Individualized attention addresses a client’s needs, even when they change. Our investment team tailors a portfolio specific to their unique investment objectives. Our process includes:

Customized Investment Plan: We identify the asset allocation most appropriate for the client to make sure it is properly diversified across equity and income asset classes and within each separate asset class. This allows us to tackle such challenges as the sale of concentrated positions or a highly tax sensitive issue that we review with each client’s CPA beforehand.

Equity Analysis and Security Selections: We examine the economy, business environment and the Federal Reserve Board’s monetary policy. Every security we consider is subjected to an intensive fundamental analysis and is monitored on an ongoing basis.

Asset Allocation: Is a strategy we use that is designed to deliver returns matching a client’s unique definition of risk. Our process is based on a talent for identifying investment opportunities and an informed respect for historical returns and volatility patterns of particular asset classes.

Constructing the Optimal Portfolio: Diversification is based on three asset classes — Equity, Fixed Income and Cash Management.

Rebalancing Portfolio: Clients needs are addressed consistently to determine any change in financial goals and objectives as well as changes in our market forecast.