Trust Services

Trust services are offered by our affiliate Orange Bank and Trust Company and includes:

Estate Administration:

  • The executor you name in your will takes over in executing your estate plan
  • We understand the broad responsibilities of an executor and we are equipped to effectively manage the position in partnership with your family and other professional advisors
Why Choose Orange Bank & Trust Company.

  • We’re locally based
  • We have vast experience, institutional stability and strength
  • Continuity-unlike a family member or friend, we will be here when the times comes to manage your affairs
  • Our costs are competitive
  • We protect your family interests, free from bias
  • You Can Make a Difference with a Charitable Gift!
  • You can make a meaningful, enduring contribution to your community, charity of your choice, and the future through planned giving
  • In addition to Cash and Securities, there are many giving alternatives such as Bequests, Life Insurance, Charitable Remainder or Lead Trusts
  • Your wishes will be professionally and safely deployed and administered
  • Orange Bank & Trust has the professional staff and resources to deliver unparalleled services and back office support, including investment management.
  • For an appointment, call 845-341-5030